Where Technology meets Efficiency


If natural light and sleek technology could morph into a building, 151 North Franklin is it. The 35 story, 820,422 SF office tower is technically advanced, sustainable and forward-looking. Designed by John Ronan Architects, 151 North Franklin is a pioneering place for new ways of working. Its clean and elegant design merges inspiration and business, delivering innovation at every corner. Seamlessly flowing from outside to inside, tenants benefit from a rooftop sky garden, landscaped second floor terrace, and other inspiring amenities, fulfilling the promise that great design is great for business.

User-Centric Design

  • High performance architecture featuring glass curtain wall and solid stone base
  • Floor to ceiling glass and 9’6” ceilings provide optimized sunlight for increased productivity
  • Rooftop sky garden, second floor terrace and three-story covered plaza provide wide variety of "third space" options for work beyond the desk
  • Industry leading efficiency provided by column-free lease spans and column-less corners

Technology to Drive Connectivity

  • Cutting-edge communications platform includes uninterrupted cellular and Wi-Fi coverage from the garage to the rooftop
  • Web-enabled, integrated building system platform for easy control of access, security, temperature (HVAC) and lighting
  • HVAC with demand-based control provides greater flexibility and lower cost
  • Redundant electrical capacity for flexible and expandable power delivery, back up generator space available
  • Supplemental solar electrical system
  • Destination dispatch elevators for best-in-class performance

Awe-Inspiring Views

  • Panoramic vistas include Chicago’s famous skyline and Lake Michigan
  • Ample set back distances allow for high levels of light and air even low in the building
  • Minimal obstructions to neighboring properties provide light and air
  • Unobstructed 360° to Chicago's skyline

Sustainable Redefined

  • Tenant monitored and controlled energy usage
  • WiredScore Pre-Certified Platinum
  • Three-story covered plaza designed to leverage adjacent green-space, effortlessly creating a vibrant community space


  • 1st WELL v1 Gold Certified Core & Shell highrise in the nation
  • WiredScore Platinum 100/100
  • Leed Gold Core & Shell Certified
  • WELL Health & Safety Certified
  • SmartScore Platinum


  • Greater Food Depository Commercial Development of the Year 2018
  • LIT Award for Exterior Architectural Illumination
  • IESNYC Lumens Award Citation for Interactive Facade
  • IBCON Most Intelligent Office Building
Advanced Building Systems

Mechanical Systems Plan

Floor-by-floor HVAC

Demand-based & real-time data
Greater flexibility and lower cost
Unlimited supplemental chilled water capacity

Redundant Electrical Capacity

Dual feeds with automatic throw-over switch
Flexible and expandable power delivery
Supplemental solar electrical system
Backup generator space and additional riser capacity available


  • Solar-heated domestic water supply and solar electrical source in common areas
  • Floor-by-floor HVAC system (Tenant comfort control)
  • Base building/life safety pathway for tenant backup generators (G1, G2)
  • Electrical supply / Dual feeds / Dual risers
  • Dedicated outside air / Ventilation riser (Indoor air quality)
  • Base building and tenant supplemental cooling riser